Italian School of Dallas

Our Classes

We offer 8 group classes focused on acquiring basic grammar and communications skills:  

Beginners1   (A1 level)
Beginners 2   (A1 level)
Beginners 3   (A1 level)

Intermediate 1   (A2 level)
Intermediate 2   (A2 level)
Intermediate 3  (A2 level)
Intermediate Conversation (A2-B1)

Advanced 1  (B1 level)
Advanced 2  (B1 level)
Advanced 3 (B1 level)
Advanced Conversation  (B2-C level)

Please see detailed class description below.

In addition to learning grammar, students are encouraged to speak in Italian and practice using the new vocabulary and structures they have learned. Interaction in Italian among students is also an important part of this class.

This term all group classes will meet for 8 weeks, once a week for two hours, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

All group classes cost $230 

Beginners 1 costs $230 plus $38 for the book.

Group Class Sessions:

Winter 2020
January 6th - February 28th

Spring 2020
March 23rd - May 22nd

Summer 2020
June 8th - July 31st

Fall 2020
August 17th - October 9th

Winter 2020
October 19th - December 11th

Private or Semi-Private Classes:
The schedules of private and semi-private classes are flexible.  Classes can be scheduled any time during the day as long as teachers are available, and there is no set beginning or ending time. Students can purchase as many or as few packets of 5 or 10 classes as they want. These classes allow the instructor to focus all of their attention on the students, and students and teachers are able to tailor a program that best suits their needs, skill level and expectations.  All skill levels are welcome.

Private classes - 1 hour session  $60/hr
Semi-private classes - 1 hr session $35/person (for two people), $30/person (for three to five people)

Class Descriptions

Beginners 1:
The Beginners 1 class is an introductory course for those who have never studied Italian before and want to learn the basics of the language. In this course Students learn how to greet someone, introduce themselves and their families, talk about themselves, express opinions, describe objects, places and simple situations, such as ordering food at a restaurant. They will use the present tense of the most common regular and irregular verbs.

Beginners 2:
Beginners 2 continues the students' journey toward Italian proficiency.  In this course students practice and reinforce how to express opinions, and describe objects, places and more complex situations.  They also learn how to ask for directions, how to make phone calls, and shop, using the present tense and the simple past of regular and common irregular verbs. 

Intermediate 1:
In Intermediate 1 students learn how to better express their opinions, understand more complex sentences, make comparisons, narrate a fact, and relate situations using various kinds of past and future tenses, and pronouns.

Intermediate 2:
In this course students review, practice and reinforce how to better express their opinions, understand more complex sentences, use different kinds of past tenses, use the conditional, the imperative, pronouns and idiomatic expressions, describe situations, read Italian newspapers, watch Italian videos and visit some recommended Italian websites. 

Advanced 1:
In this course students get more and more familiar with Italian culture through various material on and offline. They learn how to express themselves in a richer, more expressive way, by making hypotheses, using idiomatic expressions, direct and indirect pronouns, and the passive form.  They learn how to speak critically about things and how to discuss theoretical topic, by reading articles and books in Italian, and watching short videos. 

Advanced 2:
Students will continue their journey towards perfecting their Italian.  The focus on learning the use of the subjunctive, the importance of tense agreement between main and subordinate clauses, using direct and indirect speech.  They will have discussions about many different topics, read books and newspapers, watch short videos, and listen to the news.

Basic Conversation:
This class aims to deepen and expand students' vocabulary, listening comprehension and conversational skills.  Knowledge of basic to intermediate grammar is a requirement to join the class. Activities will include discussions on topics selected by the instructor, reading and commenting on level-appropriate written material, and skill-targeted role playing.  

Advanced Conversation:
This class is for students who have acquired a good knowledge of the language and want to improve on their ability to speak fluently on a variety of topics. Activities will include reading and commenting on newspaper articles and books, watching and discussing movies and short videos, skill-targeted role playing, and producing original written material.   

Some things can just not be learned from books.  Take a look at the video and you will know what I mean.

Beginners 1 - $270 including book

Beginners 2


Beginners 3


Intermediate 1


Intemediate 2


Intermediate 3


Italian Conversation and Dialogs


Advanced 1


Advanced 2


Advanced 3


Advanced Conversation


Advanced Grammar and Conversation