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Italian Greetings and More

Italian Greetings

Buon giorno!   (Good morning!)

Buon pomeriggio!  (Good afternoon!)

Buona sera!   (Good evening!)

Buona notte!   (Good night!)

Ciao!   (Hi/goodbye! – Informal – used for friends or family members)

Arrivederci!   (Goodbye! – formal)

Salve!  (Hi/goodbye! – formal/informal)

A presto!  (See you soon! – Literally: Till soon)

A più tardi!  (See you later! – Literally: Till later)

A domani!   (See you tomorrow! – literally: Till tomorrow!)



Asking and replying “How are you?”


Come stai?   (How are you? – literally: how do you stay?)

Sto benissimo, grazie.   (I am extremely well, thank you.  – Literally: I stay extremely well …)

Sto molto bene, grazie.  (I am very well, thank you.)

Sto bene, grazie.  (I am well/fine, thank you.)

Sto abbastanza bene, grazie.  (I am fairly well, thank you.)

Sto così così.    (I am so so.)

Non sto molto bene.  (I am not very well.)

Non sto bene.    (I am not well.)

Sto male.   (I am sick/ill – literally: I stay badly)

Sto malissimo.  (I am very sick/ill)